Enzyme-rich fresh forage improves digestibility and absorption of nutrients.

HydroGreen fresh forage is high-energy, highly-nutritious and 90% digestible.   

Naturally occurring hydrolytic enzymes dramatically improve the digestibility and absorption of nutrients like fiber, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals from the ration, as well as the overall diet. The increased moisture content not only improves palatability, but also aids in ration conditioning which maintains mix stability, reduces dust, and reduces potential health issues associated with feed dust.  

What does that mean for your animals? Better and consistent nutrition can lead to improved overall health, rate of gain, fertility, and more. 


Great nutritional platform for calf, heifer, dry cow, transition and lactation diets.


Great for all traditional, natural, grass-fed and even organic cattle beef production operations.


Owners and stables will enjoy fresh HydroGreen to complement other feedstuffs.


Sheep, goats, poultry and swine will all benefit from nutritious HydroGreen feed.