Feed For Equine

HydroGreen puts you in control

Owners and stables will enjoy fresh Hydrogreen to complement other feedstuffs. With HydroGreen, a major portion of the weanling and growing foal diets, maintenance diets, mare and stallion diets and performance horse diets, will be consistent and fresh… every single day. Other nutritional benefits include faster recovery times afterworkouts, better fertility in mares and stallions, enhanced lactation in mares and improved growth in yearlings.

Highly palatable
Eliminated feed dust
Highly digestible
More ingredient flexibility
Better gut health

Quality Nutrition for Horses

HydroGreen is enzyme-rich for better digestion of the total diet and enhances quality and absorption of vitamins and minerals.  HydroGreen will always provide excellent ration conditioning for any horse diet, and significantly reduce dust, which reduces the risk of respiratory complications.

During early plant growth, complex starches are converted to simple and highly digestible sugars and starches, that can be utilized immediately, reserving energy for other functions.  This also reduces the risk of digestive tract problems and improves gut health in horses.

HydroGreen: a powerful ingredient

HydroGreen delivers the most digestible forms of key nutrients available on the farm. Hydrolytic enzymes improve the digestibility of the entire diet, and HydroGreen’s moisture level and taste assure physical diet quality and palatability… every day, even when you have to make other ingredient changes. It reduces dust in the feed, too.

 For example:

  • Protein levels are as much as 25% higher than in the parent grain
  • High digestibility means dietary energy is not wasted on digestion in the animal, resulting in greater energy efficiency
  • Phytic acid levels are very low in young plants, making phosphorus more bioavailable
  • Starch in the parent grain is largely converted to simple sugars that are a great energy source, safely absorbed early in the digestive system

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