Feed For Dairy

HydroGreen puts you in control

Great nutritional platform for all milking stages; lactation, transition, dry cow, hospital pens, calf grower and heifer developer rations. You’ll enjoy the consistent supply of high quality Hydrogreen Healthy Feed to complement the other feedstuffs in your herd’s rations. With HydroGreen, a major portion of your diets will be consistent and fresh … every single day.

Healthier animals
More ingredient flexibility
Higher quality milk
Improved production cost
Strong milk yields
Better gut health

Adds consistency to highly complex dairy diets.

HydroGreen is a good source of both energy and digestible fiber, and an excellent forage for high-production dairy cows. Energy content and total digestible nutrient (TDN) concentration are greater in HydroGreen than in traditional forages.

Replacing traditional forages with HydroGreen increases the supply of metabolizable energy in the diet significantly. In addition, HydroGreen is a rich source of sugars, an essential nutrient for butterfat synthesis. HydroGreen will substantially improve the quality of the diets animals receive, both in terms of nutritional value and palatability.  This is what makes HydroGreen ideal for dairy diets.

HydroGreen: a powerful ingredient.

HydroGreen delivers the most digestible forms of key nutrients available, hydrolytic enzymes and elevated sugar levels improve the digestibility of the entire diet, and HydroGreen’s moisture level and taste assure physical diet quality and palatability…every day, even during rapid step-ups or seasonal ingredient changes.

For example:

  • Protein levels are as much as 25% higher than in the parent grain
  • High digestibility means dietary energy is not wasted on digestion in the animal, resulting in greater energy efficiency
  • Phytic acid levels are very low in young plants, making phosphorus more bioavailable
  • Starch in the parent grain is largely converted to sugars supporting better forage digestibility and a more stable rumen pH for dairy cattle.