Seed to feed in six
days with one touch.

One person at the control screen does everything from seeding, watering and lighting to harvesting.

Vertically stacked shelves allow for high yields in a very small area without the need for cultivated land.

One 2,700 square foot building can replace as much as 600 acres, producing 5 tons of fresh feed every day using a fraction of the water used in traditional crop production.


Automated seeder spreads a bed of seed onto the level


Fine mist of water is sprayed from above to initiate growth.


Automated drip irrigation system feeds and cools the roots as they grow.


Automated 6500K LED lighting system on each level cycles on and off


Fresh green feed is harvested and cut to size with a water jet, ready to be blended with a feed ration or fed directly to livestock.

grow system

Harvest every day.

A single HydroGreen growing unit produces one ton of live fresh feed every day.  Systems can be scaled to produce more than several hundred tons per day, depending on your daily production needs.  System sizing depends on species, number of animals, and individual producer needs.

The computer system takes care of the seeding, watering, lighting, and harvesting for you. A seed cleaner, a bulk bin for grain storage, a clean seed hopper, and a conveyor system are all included with the system. Systems are scalable and you can combine multiple systems to feed hundreds or thousands of livestock.

Safe, effortless operation.

Traditional hydroponic systems rely on human labor to manually move the feed, clean the growing trays and soak, spread and water the seed. These methods allow for the possibility of human error, leaving you with an inconsistent product and the potential for mold to develop.

HydroGreen technology solves both problems and makes growing a high-quality feed easy. Every aspect of the system is controlled from the touchscreen control panel. Through this automated process, the system applies a sequence of eleven protocols dedicated to controlling mold, from seed selection to harvest, reducing the potential for human error and mold growth.

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