HydroGreen’s Certified Dealer Network is a group of leading companies we’ve partnered with to successfully distribute, deliver, and install our indoor local chain ag-tech solutions onto farms from start to finish.

Our Certified Dealers are seasoned dairy and beef industry experts, strategically located throughout the US and Canada to help meet the growing demand for our technology.

HydroGreen’s technology is revolutionizing agriculture by bringing commercial scale livestock feed production indoors. HydroGreen’s Certified Dealer Network is delivering this technology to help farmers reliably access high-quality fresh forage locally and sustainably, maintaining their independence for generations to come.

Hansen Industries


Hansen Industries was founded in 2005 by owner Shane Hansen, who was determined to make a difference in the dairy industry by designing top-of-the-line products to help dairies run more efficiently, with prices they could afford.

With a background in dairy, plumbing, and water treatment, Hansen Industries has created a product line and offers services that continue to make a positive impact in dairies worldwide. Hansen Industries’ goal is to build long term customers by helping dairy farmers where they need it the most.

Hansen Industries joined the HydroGreen Certified Dealer Network on October 5, 2021.

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HydroGreen CanWest

British Columbia

HydroGreen Canwest , is a 50/50 joint venture between Bill Vanderkooi, MSc., founder of Nutriva and owner of Nutritech Solutions, a livestock technology company, and Ryan de Lange, owner of J&D Farmers Dairy Service, a leading supplier of dairy automation technology.

HydroGreen Canwest installed the first HydroGreen Automated Vertical Pasture™ in Canada in 2018 and has since expanded to four systems at the EcoDairy in Abbotsford, British Columbia. The EcoDairy is known for showcasing industry-leading technologies contributing toward a net-zero emissions future for farms.

HydroGreen Canwest became a member of the HydroGreen Certified Dealer Network on November 16, 2021.

“Installation and integration with HydroGreen were easy,” said Vanderkooi. “The EcoDairy feed supply is consistent and reliable, every day. Beef cattle finish better and earlier, and dairy cows perform better when fed HydroGreen feed.”

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Total Dairy Solutions US, LLC

Colorado, Arizona, California, Idaho and Saskatchewan

Total Dairy Solutions (TDS) enables dairy producers to become leaders in sustainable food production. By integrating technology, equipment, strategic expertise, and services into one company, TDS helps dairy producers transform and scale their operations, no matter the size.
TDS is poised to build a global network of dairy distributors, enabling more access to the best manufacturers, increased buying power, and access to training and technology for more large-scale projects.

“With over 200 employees servicing more than 400 dairies, our job is to source best-in-class ag-tech like HydroGreen to deliver to farmers in our network,” said Kevin Fiske, Chief Executive Officer, TDS. “TDS is a trusted source of innovation and on farm ag-tech solutions that focuses on sustainability for the future. We believe HydroGreen provides the high-quality feed needed for a high-performance herd.”

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Settje Agri Services & Engineering Inc.


Settje Agri-Services and Engineering is the Midwest’s premier provider for livestock systems design, engineering, construction management, manure marketing, and environmental compliance.

Dean Settje founded Settje Agri-Services in 1997 with the goal of delivering unmatched engineering and design services to livestock producers. By merging technology, design, construction, and regulations, Settje creates innovative systems that set the industry standard for quality.

On October 5, 2021, Settje joined the HydroGreen Certified Dealer Network to meet increasing distribution demand for automated HydroGreen technology to grow on-farm fresh forage.

“We immediately understood the growing demand for HydroGreen when we toured the HydroGreen’s Innovation Center,” said Steve Westerbuhr, Head of Engineering, Settje. “HydroGreen enables farmers to grow their feed using 95 percent less water, providing up to 365 harvests per year, both key factors in becoming more independent and continuing to grow sustainably.”

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Central Confinement Services, CCS Ag Services


CCS is a leading designer and builder of turn-key livestock and agriculture facilities with more than 35 years of experience providing quality construction and custom-built equipment to livestock producers. CCS offers top-notch consulting from start to finish and continued service after the job is done. The ability to handle all phases of a building project in-house sets CCS apart in the industry.

“Giving farmers consistent fresh feed for their herds in any weather is a weight off their shoulders, and we can appreciate how simple and efficient it is to grow indoors with the automated HydroGreen technology,” said Brian Turner, Chief Executive Officer, CCS. “We’re seeing impressive results for animal nutrition and herd health. Dairies that want to optimize their transition cows and producers selling beef will see significant benefits from using HydroGreen. Becoming a HydroGreen Certified Dealer is another way we’re offering the best options to the farmers who need reliable on farm feed.”

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Dihl Grohs International

South Dakota

Dihl Grohs, founder of the HydroGreen technology and owner of Grohs International, developed the automated indoor HydroGreen Grow System technology to supplement the feed of his cattle with an independent supply of nutritious fresh livestock feed in areas impacted by minimal precipitation and severe drought.
Grohs International purchased 12 HydroGreen machines for beef cattle customers on May 17, 2021. Now, as a HydroGreen Certified Dealer, Grohs International committed to purchasing an additional 12 machines during 2022, of which nine had already been purchased by January 2022.

“HydroGreen is essential. My goal wasn’t to create a better fodder system—I was just trying to take the labor away. The team that CubicFarms has put together is what we needed and through R&D, this automated indoor growing technology has evolved as a leader in the industry.”

Mountainland Supply Company

Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho

Established in 1947, Mountainland Supply Company has an agriculture division specializing in irrigation services for farmer and rancher customers. Mountainland experts take great pride in providing the best products in the market and prioritizing their customers’ needs, with a focus on water conservation products and services.

With 29 distribution branches and 699 employees, Mountainland serves customers across Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho. On April 1, 2022, Mountainland joined the HydroGreen Certified Dealer Network.

“One of our customers installed a HydroGreen system on his farm and as he gave me the tour and talked about the system, I was fascinated. This ag-tech solution is the future of farming and it’s available now—I made the call to HydroGreen the next day to find out how we could get it into the hands of our customers. I’m impressed with the organization and clear processes that HydroGreen has developed. Our customers will benefit from HydroGreen’s technology, and becoming a Certified Dealer is one more way we’re helping our customers become more profitable and sustainable.”

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