HydroGreen’s Certified Partner Network is a group of leading companies we’ve partnered with to successfully distribute, deliver, and install our indoor local chain ag-tech solutions onto farms from start to finish.

Our Certified Partners are seasoned dairy and beef industry experts, strategically located throughout the US and Canada to help meet the growing demand for our technology.

HydroGreen’s technology is revolutionizing agriculture by bringing commercial scale livestock feed production indoors. HydroGreen’s Certified Partner Network is delivering this technology to help farmers reliably access high-quality fresh forage locally and sustainably, maintaining their independence for generations to come.

Hansen Industries


Hansen Industries was founded in 2005 by owner Shane Hansen, who was determined to make a difference in the dairy industry by designing top-of-the-line products to help dairies run more efficiently, with prices they could afford.

With a background in dairy, plumbing, and water treatment, Hansen Industries has created a product line and offers services that continue to make a positive impact in dairies worldwide. Hansen Industries’ goal is to build long term customers by helping dairy farmers where they need it the most.

Hansen Industries joined the HydroGreen Certified Dealer Network on October 5, 2021.

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UpGrowth Ag


UpGrowth Ag was founded by the pairing of East and West. Utah based farmers Nate and Colt Sargent recognized the struggles their international friends and associates faced supporting livestock, especially as much of the alfalfa surrounding them was being shipped to Asia at high cost. That’s when they partnered with close friends Jake and Vivian Kim, North Korean defectors with a determination to assist their people in South Korea with sustainability in agriculture, and a bond was made.

With their combined backgrounds, the team at UpGrowth Ag is driven to finding the best sustainable livestock feed options and delivering them to the international market, particularly Asia. They represent a mix of the old and the new, and a willingness to sift to find the best products, solutions, and services in the livestock feed industry.

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Indoor Farms Corp


Indoor Farms Corp. (IFC) builds and operates Controlled Environment Agriculture facilities that grow fresh fodder for livestock.  IFC brings capital and knowhow to offer Fodder-as-a-Service (FaaS) that is a highly nutritious, sprouted grain, feed supplement.  IFC delivers the fresh fodder daily to ranches, dairy farms and feedlots.   Indoor Farms can provide its service anywhere with company approval but has exclusive rights to do so in Minnesota, Wisconsin, British Columbia and Alberta.  Each of its facilities are outfitted with a patented, HydroGreen Automated Vertical Pastures System which have been successfully deployed since 2015. You can learn more about Indoor Farms by visiting our web site at www.indoorfarms.us or by calling 385-329-3149.

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