HydroGreen High Energy Fresh Forage

Superior nutrition, improved overall performance 

HydroGreen produces a highly nutritious, freshly grown livestock ingredient grown hydroponically in Automated Vertical Pastures under controlled conditions. This fresh forage is grown faster and more efficiently than growing in the field.  

HydroGreen Fresh Forage is easily digestible for ruminant animals and ensures animals receive exceptional nutrition every day. Germination and early plant growth within the HydroGreen Automated Vertical Pastures optimizes available nutrients and is one of the most energetic livestock feeds available.  

HydroGreen is
better nutrition.

Complex starches are converted into easily digestible sugars and starches, supporting better forage digestibility. Hydrolytic enzymes occurring naturally in the young plant dramatically improves the digestibility and absorption of nutrients like vitamins and minerals from the ration, as well as the overall diet.   

This supports enhanced growth, improved reproduction, greater fertility, stronger immune systems, and better overall health. For example, HydroGreen helps cows to increase fiber digestion by 10% from typical performance levels, resulting in less waste, as every gram of fed is utilized more efficiently. HydroGreen’s Automated Vertical Pastures allow farmers to grow nutritious fresh livestock feed daily, harvesting up to 365 harvests annually. 

One feed, three big benefits.

Protein & Energy
  • High quality protein in the form of amino acids & simple peptides
  • High quality energy in the form of simple sugars (mostly glucose) & starches 
  • High quality free fatty acids with higher levels of:
    • Unsaturated fatty acids
    • Omega 3’s
    • CLA’s
  • All these nutrients are critical for health, growth, production & re-production
Highly Available Nutrients, Minerals, and Vitamins
  • Hydrolytic enzymes continue transforming stored nutrients
    • More soluble
    • Less complex
    • More available
  • Antioxidant concentration greatly increased during developmental process to support juvenile plant
Overall Physical Diet Quality
  • High moisture contributes to Ration conditioning
    • Texture and Palatability
  • Higher moisture contributes to the mix stability
    • Less separation of the ingredients in the bunk
    • Less sorting of ingredients by animals
  • Higher moisture contributes to less feed dust
    • Lower incidence of upper respiratory issues due to dust inhalation by animals

Nutrition Analysis