How You Benefit

Fresh, nutrient-dense feed grown indoors on your farm every day of the year.

HydroGreen Systems grow quality nutrition without the need for expensive farmland. Produce the same amount of feed year-round, regardless of season or weather using a fraction of the water compared to traditional crop production. One person can seed and harvest with the touch of a button. The feed is highly nutritious and highly digestible, promoting better animal performance and health.

24/7 Automation
Daily harvest
year round
Requires less
Weather independent
Environmentally sensible
Improved nutrition

Local Chain AgTech Solution

HydroGreen is an onsite automated indoor vertical hydroponic growing system.

Growing surfaces are stacked on top of each other, maximizing available space. A feed crop is grown hydroponically on each level and one level is harvested and re-seeded each day. Systems are scalable to meet production needs. The number of units you need will depend on the size of your operation and the amount of feed required daily by each animal.

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How your animals benefit

More control means better nutrition.

Hydroponically sprouting grains like wheat and barley converts complex starches into easily digestible sugars and starches, supporting better forage digestibility. Hydrolytic enzymes occurring naturally in the infant plant, dramatically improve the digestibility and absorption of nutrients like proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals from the fodder, as well as the overall diet. This supports: enhanced growth, overall better health, improved reproduction, greater fertility, and strong immune systems.

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