A new way to feed our world.

HydroGreen technology delivers reliable, cost-effective production with a minimal environmental footprint.

Fully automated
Harvest in minutes, not seasons
Daily Harvest, up to 360 harvests/year
Indoors, weather independent
24/7/365 consistency
Replaces 500 acres
Zero waste
Improves total ration quality

HydroGreen Grow System

Superior and consistent livestock feed at commercial scale.

With our commercial scale, automated, indoor growing technologies and support services, we help our Farmer Partners to truly make an impact in the world. To save our resources and ourselves, food and feed must be localized, grown indoors hydroponically and use a minimum of resources in a responsible, sustainable, and affordable manner. Our Local Chain Ag-Tech solutions directly empower farmers, protect our natural resources, and contribute to a zero-hunger future.


Minimal farm equipment needed; no fuel or maintenance.

Sprouting feed hydroponically indoors is more cost-efficient compared to land – no fertilizer, chemicals and other inputs.


HydroGreen automated technology requires less labor to seed, water and harvest than traditional fodder growing equipment.

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Replaces 500 acres of farmland.

HydroGreen technology means no need for harsh chemical, fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.


It reduces your carbon footprint, dramatically reduces water consumption by 90%. The system allows for expansion even with minimal land available, saving the land for other uses.

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Our team of engineers, nutritionists and researchers are on your team.

You will make an informed decision about how a HydroGreen Grow System best fits your operation.


After installation, our team will continue to support you with maintenance, nutrition consulting and continuous research.

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The heroes who are feeding us and protecting our natural resources.

Meet our Farmer Partners

Mike Rigby

HydroGreen Farmer Partner

“The severe drought had us worried we wouldn’t be able to feed our herd. The HydroGreen technology allows us to grow our own on farm, fresh livestock feed. Our family’s been in the cattle industry for generations, and we were considering getting out of the business entirely if we couldn’t get high quality, nutritious feed for our cattle. Having a consistent, predictable feed supply, no matter the weather, is essential for our family farm success.”

Paula Haiwick

HydroGreen Farmer Partner

“We chose to partner with the agriculture innovator, CubicFarms to create a resilient food system that is economically and environmentally sound and socially just for generations to come.”

Nick Ferens

HydroGreen Farmer Partner

“The fodder’s nutritive value is exceptional for our herd and the system is time efficient. I run one piece of machinery for 35 mins a day, when in the past, it would have taken me a few hours a day and three machines using traditional equipment.”

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