Technology that fits today’s world

HydroGreen technology delivers reliable, cost-effective production with a minimal environmental footprint.

Fully Automated
Computer Controlled
Daily Harvest,
365 days a year
Indoors, Weather
  • controlled clean environment
  • indoor vertical farming
  • no waste or spoilage
Reduces Labor
  • one person seeds and harvests with the touch of a button
  • no cultivation, planting or harvesting
Eliminates Expensive
  • no field equipment, fuel or maintenance necessary
  • only need seed, water and light
  • no fertilizer or chemical
Low Environmental
  • reduces environmental footprint by 95%
  • reduces water consumption by over 92%
Total Control Over
Your Feed
  • change production output
  • use different seed to change nutrition
Improves Total
Ration Quality
  • conditions the entire ration
  • helps maintain diet consistency
  • reduces dust

HydroGreen System

Minimum labor, minimum space, maximum yield.

With the push of a button, one person does everything from seeding, watering and lighting to harvesting.

HydroGreen systems replace many acres of expensive farmland, producing fresh feed every day, using a small fraction of the water needed in traditional crop production.
Vertically stacked tables allow for high yields in a small area, optimizing nutrition yield efficiency.


Minimal farm equipment needed; no fuel or maintenance.

Sprouting feed hydroponically indoors is more cost-efficient compared to land – no fertilizer, chemicals and other inputs.


HydroGreen automated technology requires less labor to seed, water and harvest than traditional fodder growing equipment.

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Reduces overall footprint by 95%.

HydroGreen technology means no need for harsh chemical, fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.


It reduces your carbon footprint, dramatically reduces water consumption by 92% and runoff water can be recycled. The system allows for expansion even with minimal land available, saving the land for other uses.

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Our team of engineers, nutritionists and researchers are on your team.

You will make an informed decision about how a HydroGreen Grow System best fits your operation.


After installation, our team will continue to support you with maintenance, nutrition consulting and continuous research.

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Farm Stories

The choice of progressive farmers everywhere.

Steers fed a backgrounding ration with HydroGreen gained 60% more weight per day than steers fed a ration without HydroGreen.  The group fed HydroGreen also recorded a significantly lower cost of gain compared to the group without HydroGreen.

Montana, Grass-Fed Steers

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Two groups of heifers and steers were fed grass hay, salt and mineral with one group getting HydroGreen as well. The HydroGreen group gained 0.3 pounds more and cost $0.23 less per pound of gain than the steers and heifers without HydroGreen.

South Dakota, Backgrounding Steers and Heifers      

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Steers were finished on a ration with HydroGreen and grass haylage.  These steers qualify for Grass-Fed  labeling and consistently grade AA or AAA, which is a high-quality graded beef.  These beef cattle were finished with grass haylage and HydroGreen.

British Columbia, Grass-Fed Steers

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