Feed For Beef

HydroGreen puts you in control

HydroGreen is a great fit for all traditional, natural, grass-fed and even organic beef production operations. In many parts of the world, producers have to resort to feeding stockpiled dry hay or other stored forages for as much as half the calendar year –  a challenge for grass fed/grass finished beef producers.  Now a succulent forage diet is possible year-round. With HydroGreen, a major portion of the starting/receiving, growing, finishing and sick pen diets will be there… every single day.

Healthier cattle

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Better cost of gain
Improved productivity
More ingredient flexibility
Rumination activity
Feed efficiency

Adds to consistency of grass-fed diets.

Whether the base forage is during grazing season or dry hay when pastures are inadequate, HydroGreen provides an element of the diet that is always the same. Inclusion of HydroGreen in grazing programs can help to extend the functional life of the pasture or allow the producer to increase stocking densities. During off-season feeding when stored dry forages are the norm, HydroGreen will substantially improve the quality of the diets animals receive, both in terms of nutritional value and palatability.

HydroGreen: a powerful ingredient

HydroGreen delivers the most digestible forms of key nutrients available, hydrolytic enzymes and elevated sugar levels improve the digestibility of the entire diet, and a moisture level and taste that assure physical diet quality and palatability- every day, even during rapid step-ups or seasonal ingredient changes.

For example:

  • Fiber digestion is as much as 25% higher than in the parent grain
  • High digestibility means dietary energy is not wasted on digestion in the animal, resulting in greater energy efficiency
  • Starch in the parent grain is largely converted to sugars supporting better forage digestibility and a more stable rumen pH for cattle