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The best way to determine if HydroGreen Automated Vertical Pastures and fresh forage is right for your operation is to see it in person. Our team of engineers, nutritionists, product specialists and researchers would be happy to host you at one of our facilities for a tour.  


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We’ll take you through one of our demonstration farms in person so you can see exactly how the system works. Contact us and we can talk details and timing. 

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Matching HydroGreen Feed Demand With Your Production System

Our team begins by defining your production goals, examining available feedstuffs, seed sourcing and pricing, and calculating the size of system required to produce that demand. We’ll discuss water quality and availability at your location, and then provide an initial cost for the environmentally controlled building. 


Your quote will include the cost of your proposed HydroGreen machine and building design. It will also include: 

  • Warranty
  • Useful life projection
  • Seed sourcing document

Local contractors will build your feed production facility according to our recommendations, and we will install the machines and assign a HydroGreen product specialists to oversee the project. You and your staff will receive training on the system’s operation and maintenance. 

Ongoing Support

We will continue to support you after purchase. Our design team and engineers work hard to make continuous advancements to optimize the productivity and efficiency of your machines. Our nutrition experts will assist you and your nutritionists by making recommendations to improve the performance, efficiency, and general well-being of your animals. Our research team strives to find ways to improve system yield, nutrient concentrations, and the overall productivity of the system for our customers. 

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