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Announcing CubicFarms AMPLIFIED Virtual Event

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On October 21, 2021, discover the revolutionary technologies that will help farmers produce enough food and feed through crippling climate change – before it’s too late.

Award-winning pioneers and leaders in agriculture and technology have come together to spark an agriculture revolution and reveal the best innovation since vertical farming: a new category of indoor ag-tech for farmers that combats climate change, tackles supply-chain food dependence, and defines a sustainable and localized commercial-scale model for farming and food production, in any climate.

Discover How New Technology Will Solve the Most Urgent Concerns of Our Time:

Food Insecurity & Climate Change
The complexity of the problem and the critical shift required in the agriculture industry to combat these issues before it’s too late.

The Urgency to Localize
The dangers of long food supply chains and why commercial-scale food and feed production by local farmers is critical.

Redefining “sustainable” agriculture
The economic, social, and environmental benefits of new technology that enables local farmers.

Nutrition Science: More isn’t Enough
The critical role of food and feed quality (not just quantity) in sustainable agriculture, shown through animal science and performance data.

The Mass Extinction of Farmers
Climate unpredictability is the farmer’s biggest competitor. We discuss how technology designed to help farmers to adapt to climate change interruptions will also combat climate change.

A Convenient Consumer Awakening
How we must make it convenient and accessible for all consumers to be part of the solution, support local farmers, tackle food insecurity, and combat climate change.

For more information and to register for CubicFarms AMPLIFIED, visit: http://events.cubicfarms.com/amplified

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